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Investing in the North Dakota, USA oil boom .....

Invest in the North Dakota USA oil boom....

Sky Watch Inn I project now closing to investors. Please stay tuned for the next opportunity in the hotel chain, Sky Watch Inn II, this time in Watford, North Dakota. Asset backed, secured exit, 45% return in 2 years.

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** consult your IFA before investing

Invest in the best of British film

Carnaby Films – - serious . Great fun, EIS available, tax relief, loss guarantees.

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** consult your IFA before investing

Luxury student accommodation investments UK

So you like UK Luxury Student Investments, but want the best in class? 

7% p.a. net guaranteed minimum, plus capital appreciation, plus a BMV start!

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Latest from Alt Invest London

Latest alternative investment picks from AI London. >>

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Monday, 22 September 2014

How to invest in Oscar-Winning British Film!

How to invest in Oscar-winning British film, and gain access to the VIP Investor Experience too! (Red carpet events, meet the cast, filmings, and more)
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** we are duty bound to advise you that film investment may be higher risk. Please also consult with an independent financial advisor.

Investing in luxury student accommodation, UK

Luxury student accommodation investments – the fastest growing subsector inside the UK’s strongest asset class.
From the market leader, come the latest student developments in Sheffield and Manchester UK!
Low entry level investment, payment plan, immediate returns, high yield, low risk. Excellent opportunities.
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Investment available in the lucrative Pay Day Loan sector

There are many alternative investments available to you, but few are as lucrative as the heavily regulated Payday Loan sector.
The PayDay Loan industry is a low risk high rewards business. It does not depend on global market conditions, exchange rates, manufacturing exports, Government bonds or interest rates.
Why Invest:
* Minimum investment £100,000
* 1 year term
* Fixed rate of interest
* Up to 20% pa available
* Capital insured
* Interest paid quarterly
* Interest can be monitored online

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Investment : take advantage of the North Dakota USA oil & gas boom!

Investors are scrambling to get into the North Dakota oil & gas boom within the Bakken oilfield.
Generally speaking investors prefer infrastructure projects over commodity investment in oil & gas as it is less volatile.
Rycal is pleased to announce the arrival of Sky Watch Inn – a top class hotel in the middle of the action, now being built, and open to investors.
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Thanks! Rycal Team

Latest quarterly alternative investment picks from AI London.

Latest quarterly alternative investment picks from AI London.
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AI London – ‘No frills, just the good stuff….”
** please consult your IFA before investing. Thanks.

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Ever wondered if you can invest in Oscar-winning British film?

Well now you can, AND if inside the UK it can also be done for you as an EIS scheme, qualifying you for tax relief and protection.

Oh, and there's a coooool Investor Experience attached too where you get to meet the cast, attend red carpet events, filmings, and more! Latest in EIS Film investing, and with a low entry level.

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Investors still not settled? The rush to collectibles continues .....

Who We Are - Our Heritage, Your Future

Stanley Gibbons is world-renowned as the leading name and global market leader in stamp collecting, rare stamps and other heritage collectibles. In essence, what we don't know about rare stamps probably isn't worth knowing.
Established in 1856 by Edward Stanley Gibbons, we were awarded the Royal Warrant in 1914 by King George V for services to philately. It's an honour that we still hold proudly today by continuing to serve the Royal household. It requires us to trade annually with them and provide a level of consistent quality, integrity and expertise in order to be re-awarded the Warrant.
What that means for you is that you can rely on over 150 years experience and skill in appraising, buying, describing and selling stamps.
In today's uncertain times and ever-changing world, trust, security and expertise cannot be underestimated and they are fundamentally important when looking after you and your wealth.
When it comes to investing with us, to be clear, we are not a 'financial business' or 'investment house' - we are, if you like, the expert 'stock pickers' for rare stamps, rare coins and rare manuscripts. We pick only the best and the genuine and only the ones that we believe will maintain and increase in value over time due to their rarity, desirability and condition.
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Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Vita Student at Telephone House, Sheffield UK.



Fill out the form here and receive:

  • Full launch details.
  • Full availability lists and floor plans.
  • Answers to all your questions from a dedicated property consultant.


  • Min 35% NET return assured over 5 years.
  • Highest quality product in a proven and undersupplied market.
  • Fully-managed and hassle-free investment.
  • 8th development from established provider, Vita Student.

Not everyone can say they have Luxury British Royal Warrant companies in their portfolio .......

Built specifically to capitalise on the global growth of British Luxury brands.

  • Investing in high end British Businesses which hold a Royal Warrant in the name of Her Majesty the Queen, the Duke of Edinburgh or the Prince of Wales 
    Royal Warrants demonstrate quality and excellence to the British Royal Family.
  • Projected Returns in Excess of 30% 
    Find enclosed details of funds, revenue streams and profitability.
  • Due Diligence 
    Investing in companies with strong balance sheets, export growth potential and globally competitive products.
  • Exit Strategy 
    Applying for admission on to the London Stock Exchange Aim Market.
  • An Exclusive Investment 
    There is currently no other company focused exclusively on investment in British luxury goods.
  • Tax Relief Benefits 
    Income Tax Relief 30%, Capital Gains Tax Free, Inheritance Tax Free, Losses can be offset against any Capital Gain during the year of disposal.

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Saturday, 8 February 2014

Oscar-winning film investment - Molifilms!

Oscar-winning film investment - Molifilms!

Latest offering from Mark Foligno - Executive Producer of The King's Speech.

Make your investment fun too - red carpet events, cast meetings etc!

Details here for you here >>

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Why is the smart money invested in #shipping?

Why is the smart money invested in ?
Find out here >> 

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Minimum 7% return guaranteed for 5 years, UK, property

Real estate investment from Vita - Southampton UK - luxury student accommodation. 

Fastest selling in the UK right now. 7% net return assured for 5 years. From £79k.

Quickform at:

China. Action. Money !

China. Action. Money !

Your regular complimentary #investing guide.  

Film Investment opportunity from the creators of The Passion of the Christ

Film Investment opportunity from the creators of The Passion of the Christ 

How you can invest in the Greatest Story Never told ....

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Rare real estate property investment opportunity - London SE5 UK

Rare real estate property investment opportunity - London SE5 UK.

Private sale, HMO building, freehold, 8 bedsits, tenanted, current rent £85k pa, 

Price: £750k.ovno

More spec:  

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Your complimentary #WhitePaper >> the UK Property/Real Estate Market right now.......

Your complimentary #WhitePaper >> the UK Property/Real Estate Market right now.......
... and what it can do for YOU.

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Time to take care of your future?

Time to take care of your future?

Complimentary #UK seminars near you >>  

Know how to trade a little already? ::--))

Simple trading strategies that work

The complimentary trading webinar from Trend Signal >>

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YES you CAN #Invest in the greatest story never told ... MARY

YES you CAN #Invest in the greatest story never told ... MARY, from the makers of The Passion of the Christ