Monday, 22 September 2014

How to invest in Oscar-Winning British Film!

How to invest in Oscar-winning British film, and gain access to the VIP Investor Experience too! (Red carpet events, meet the cast, filmings, and more)
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** we are duty bound to advise you that film investment may be higher risk. Please also consult with an independent financial advisor.

Investing in luxury student accommodation, UK

Luxury student accommodation investments – the fastest growing subsector inside the UK’s strongest asset class.
From the market leader, come the latest student developments in Sheffield and Manchester UK!
Low entry level investment, payment plan, immediate returns, high yield, low risk. Excellent opportunities.
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Investment available in the lucrative Pay Day Loan sector

There are many alternative investments available to you, but few are as lucrative as the heavily regulated Payday Loan sector.
The PayDay Loan industry is a low risk high rewards business. It does not depend on global market conditions, exchange rates, manufacturing exports, Government bonds or interest rates.
Why Invest:
* Minimum investment £100,000
* 1 year term
* Fixed rate of interest
* Up to 20% pa available
* Capital insured
* Interest paid quarterly
* Interest can be monitored online

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Investment : take advantage of the North Dakota USA oil & gas boom!

Investors are scrambling to get into the North Dakota oil & gas boom within the Bakken oilfield.
Generally speaking investors prefer infrastructure projects over commodity investment in oil & gas as it is less volatile.
Rycal is pleased to announce the arrival of Sky Watch Inn – a top class hotel in the middle of the action, now being built, and open to investors.
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Latest quarterly alternative investment picks from AI London.

Latest quarterly alternative investment picks from AI London.
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