Wednesday, 16 November 2016


Strange days in the investing world at the moment?
Worried about the effect of current global events on your portfolio? Who isn’t?
Many investors are now turning to safer investments to protect themselves from market risk.
Introducing Bastien Jack Ltd., an established UK property developer who can tick all the boxes for you, within individual property developments and also a new offering across multiple UK developments.
Using state of the art property development techniques, Bastien Jack offer you investments centred around established UK property methodologies and assets, and where almost all risk is mitigated for you.
Investment highlights:
* Uncomplicated private investment into a specific development, OR:
* Into a group of developments
* Exclusive JV funding considered
* Fixed investment term to suit (from 1 year)
* Minimum investment £100,000.00 GBP
* Significant returns
* Tax benefits included
To register your initial interest for your Investor Pack and Due Diligence, please simply complete the form here.

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